Glow in the Dark Face-Body Paint (30ml)


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High Quality Glow In the Dark Face and Body Paint will glow without the use of UV Lights.
American Made Mehron Fantasy FX Glow In the Dark Face Paint is theatre quality glow in the dark paint designed specifically for use on Face and Body.

This paint is not suitable for painting onto objects for safety lighting, instead we recommend our all-purpose Glow in the Dark Paint: Glow in the Dark Paint Ultra Green V10 (240ml)

This glow in the dark paint works by charging itself from the sun during daytime and then naturally glowing by itself at night. It does not need UV lights to work which is what makes it great for situations where you have no UV lights.
Note: This product does not require UV Light in order to glow, however if UV Light is present (from a UV Light Bulb then the paint will glow VERY brightly, similarly to our UV Fluro Paints.

How to Use:
1. Put paint in the sun or in front of a light that emits UV to charge it up - make sure this is done for at least 8 hours but it will work with less time too. Ideally if possible it is best to apply the paint to the surface you want to use at night and put this in the sun/UV light to get maximum possible charge.
2. When it gets dark the paint will start to glow!
3. To remove wash with warm soapy water, using scrubbers as necessary.
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Most people easily sell what they order from us, however to make fundraising with our products even easier, we offer a sale or return policy on all products sold.

We will buy back up to 40% of the product value for an order in which returned products are inside 'unopened' Tubes/Packets, we also charge a restocking fee of 25% and returns can only be accepted within 21 days of ordering. So, if you overstock for a particular event, we'll happily refund you for returned products. Any postal/courier costs incurred by sending the products back to us is at the customers expense. Returned products will be refunded at the price which they were purchased.

If you need to return items purchased from us, please e-mail us at to let us know what is coming, and send the products back to:

Product Returns:
Glowsticks Australia
271 Bloomfield Street
Cleveland, QLD, 4163

We tailor our products specifically for users wishing to fundraise. Glow sticks provide an easy method of generating additional funds at your next school disco, camp, or other night-time event. Glow sticks are easy to sell and offer huge profit margins. 

Would you like a Sample Pack sent to your school?

This is a great way to check out our range, and show your school committee. Simply give Martin a call on 0490433087, and we can work out what is best to put in your personal sample pack.

In our survey performed of over 50 Primary Schools, we found out the following facts:

  • 55% were able to sell between 1 and 2 glow sticks per student attending.
  • 25% of schools were able to sell over 2 glow sticks per student attending.
  • Of those listed above, 80% sold glow sticks from a stall at the disco, 20% embedded the cost of a glow stick into the ticket cost and handed them out as the students entered.
  • Generally, schools who profited the most from Glow Stick sales offered bulk prices, ie: 1 for $1 or 3 for $2.
  • Notifying the students of glow stick sales prior to the event had significant positive impact on the number of glow sticks sold. Of those schools which sold less than 1 glow stick per person, 50% did not tell the students prior to the event that glow sticks would be available.
  • Our most popular fundraising products are: Assorted Glow Bracelets (5mm Thick) and Super Bright Glow Bracelets (6mm Thick). However, since conducting the survey we have seen significant increases in the number of schools purchasing the Finger Light, Assorted - BULK - 100pcs/bag for fundraising purposes.

 Our Most Popular Fundraising Products Are: (click on the product for pricing)

We offer Schools and Registered Clubs the ability to Pay on Invoice. Simply give Martin a call to arrange your order and invoice.

Samples are free of charge, please have a chat with Martin on 0490433087 to arrange a personalised sample pack.

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