Glow Bracelets

Glow Bracelets

If you are looking to fundraise, you cannot go past Glow Bracelets. Glow Bracelets can be sold at school discos, night-time club events, church events or camps for $1 each, which is over 500% markup. Glow Bracelets glow for around 8 hours, and can be joined together to create all kinds of awesome objects, such as Headbangs, Necklaces, and even Glow Balls! (see our 5mm Glow Bracelets). All Glow Bracelets come with standard connectors, 5mm also includes Ball Connectors.

Looking for great new ways to fundraise using Glow Bracelets? 

Did you know 6mm Glow Bracelets are 44% larger than the 5mm ones? Our range of Super Bright 6mm Glow Bracelets are bigger, brighter and longer lasting.

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