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Australia's leading supplier of glow sticks, glow paint and EL wire'

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Our 'Ultimate Guide to Fundraising with Glow Sticks' will get you going with a fun and detailed list of ideas.

Australia's leading glow stick wholesale supplier

Glow Sticks Wholesale Australia is an Australian based business that sells glow sticks, glow bracelets, and other glow products throughout Australia. We have Australia's highest quality and lowest prices. Glow Sticks Wholesale Australia are major suppliers to schools and the mining industry throughout the country.

Our 'Ultimate Guide to Fundraising with Glow Sticks' will get you going with a fun, detailed list of ideas and guidelines for selling Glow Sticks. If you want to know specific facts / figures before making a purchase, our 'Fundraising Information for Schools' provides school-specific information, and a summary of a fundraising survey performed across a large number of our school customers.

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Australia's leading glow stick wholesale supplier

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